The Story

Drake Taylor – owner of Fahrenheit – is a tough-talking voyeur who doesn’t operate in a world of limits. Day-in, day-out, he mettles and pushes the buttons of those who are renting from him. Among them is Dennis, the want-to-be musician. There is also Carla, a stripper who is trying to make a better life for herself. Newcomers, Jonah and Kelly Finch, arrive after a five-year search for their missing son has left them virtually penniless. Rounding out the odd lot is Jones – a man who is constantly laying out tarot cards and speaking in riddles. As the days pass, Drake becomes more and more entrenched in the lives of those living in is building. He crosses the line on each and every one of them, and they, in turn, begin to take their own action against him. As more time passes, the stakes get higher. And once plans get set into motion, they all begin down a precarious road from which there is no turning back.

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